I started my XTREE clone on my Master 128 in 1988. It was written in BBC Basic using sideways RAM and very easily ported to my Arc 440 when I got one about a year later. As a learning exercise, I then ported it to Acorn C but kept the same Master 128 look at feel, rather than attempt to learn wimp programming at the same time. The interface, although mouse driven, is therefore text based rather than the usual wimp interface you may be more familiar with.

The program was written with ADFS in mind so may not work on newer filing systems. It has been tested OK on hostfs though which is used by some Archie emulators on Windows PC's. Also, not all features may be compatible with the latest Risc OS's since I have only tested it with 3.7 - if anyone has a 4.02 or later set of Risc OS ROM's for sale, please get in touch !

If you have a large hard disc with many directories and files, you may need to increase your wimpslot size before running the program or you may get an 'out of memory' error. The easiest way to do this is to modify the !run file within the !xtree application to say (something like) :

RMensure FPEmulator 2.8 .... etc
wimpslot -min 2048K                          (change the value to what you think you may need)
Run <Obey... etc

or just click the Acorn at the bottom right of your screen and set the 'Next' memory size in the Application Tasks to something like 2048 (or whatever seems appropriate).

I have had a couple of reports of the program crashing under 4.xx with an 'Internal Error: abort on data transfer at &0000A904'. It looks like this is due to long filenames under 4.xx which of course weren't around at the time I wrote the program. Having reviewed the code, to support long filenames is not a trivial change so if you all give me a couple of days, I will try and sort something out.

If there is any interest in progressing the program further, I may be tempted to convert it to a fully fledged wimp application.

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