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The emulator comes with a default 19MB hard disc image (sasi0.dat) which is partitioned into 5 drives as shown below.

Drive C comes pre-installed with the stand utilities disc and Drive D contains the hard disc utilities.

If you want to re-format the drive you can use the FROMAT command or if you just want to re-partition the existing drive, you can use the VARDISC command. Both these commands will destroy the contents of the drive so you may want to back up the drives first or simply download the disc images again from here.

Programs you might find useful from the above list are :

Program Description
DATETIME Display and sets the date and time
MAPDISC Finds and corrects discrepencies in a disc's allocation map
MCPVARS Displays and modifies MCP variables
MUSIC CHARIOTS Plays a tune !
POKEDISC Displays and modifies individual sectors of a disc drive
SNAKE A game (talks if using a Model B host !)
TORCHBUG A monitor and debugging aid
XA A menu system
BACKUP Backup a hard disc surface onto floppy discs
BACKDATE Displays the 'label' on BACKUP floppy discs
FIND Locates file or range of files on disc/user area
FROMAT Formats and verifies hard discs
JOIN Recreates a SPLIT file
LS Lists filenames alphabetically
RECALL Restores single files from BACKUP floppy discs
RESTORE Restores a hard disc surface from BACKUP floppy discs
SPLIT Split a large file into smaller files
TITLE Lists title information for each user number
VARDISC Divides hard discs into user-defined surfaces

Download the original Torch User Guide for more information on the above commands (4214 KB).

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