dirtree is a command line utility for searching for files on disc and displaying the results in a nice graphical directory tree structure.

If you are looking for a file called 'fred', enter 'dirtree fred*' from a command prompt, and after chugging through your disc, it will display any files it finds.

If you only want text files called 'fred', for example,  use 'dirtree fred* +<text>'

If you have a large hard disc with many directories and files, you may need to increase your wimpslot size before running the program or you may get an 'out of memory' error.

The full syntax of the command is :

*dirtree /h

DIRTREE.EXE - (C) Jonnies Megga Fabbo Software Inc
Ver 1.00 - Jon Welch 10/07/89

Command syntax :

DIRTREE [d:][path] [filename] /H /P /T /N{-} /S{-} /D{-} ...
+/-L +/-R +/-W

where :

[d:][path] - Drive/path to start search from
[filename] - Wildcard filename to search for
/H - Display this help screen
/P - Turn off pause every screenful
/T - Do text lines instead of graphics
/N{-} - Sort on filename {-} specifies in reverse order
/S{-} - Sort of file size {-} specifies in reverse order
/D{-} - Sort on date/time {-} specifies in reverse order
+/-<type> - Select only those files with/out filetype }
+/-L - Select only those files with/out L attribute } Default to
+/-R - Select only those files with/out R attribute } all files
+/-W - Select only those files with/out W attribute } on search

*dirtree /t
|--dirtree           7,679  .rw  Absolute 09:16:03 13-Nov-2005
|--makefile            205  .rw  Text     17:21:02 12-Nov-2005
|--TextFile         26,104  .rw  Text     09:19:51 13-Nov-2005
|--Z                    55  .rw  Obey     18:25:50 11-Jan-1990
|--ZXC                  11  .rw  Data     18:32:25 11-Jan-1990
|  |--dirtree          23,382  .rw  Data     09:15:21 13-Nov-2005
|  `--expand            1,320  .rw  Data     15:37:07 20-Jan-1990
   |--dirtree          12,012  .rw  Data     09:16:02 13-Nov-2005
   `--expand            1,328  .rw  Data     15:37:12 20-Jan-1990


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